What Happens if You Don’t Change Your Oil?

Checking dip stick for oil

Life gets busy sometimes and routine car service, like oil changes, falls to the back of the mind. So, what happens if you don’t get your oil changed? When the vehicle’s oil isn’t changed, nothing is absorbing the heat from the engine or lubricating the pistons and other engine block components. As a result, the overheated engine can start serious problems without the oil keeping things moving. Stay running on Jacksonville roads and learn more with Beaver Toyota St. Augustine about oil changes and what happens if you don’t change your oil. Contact our team if you have any questions along the way.

How Does Oil Help the Vehicle?

Oil is a vital part of what keeps the engine running, so what can happen if drivers don’t change their oil? Not only does oil keep the engine lubricated, but it’s an important part of absorbing the engine heat and cycling it away. This can lead to the pistons welding themselves to the cylinders as the heat isn’t being shifted. As the oil cycles through the engine, it picks up dirt and debris over time and is another factor that prevents parts from moving as they should. If the engine overheats from running on bad oil, it can lead to serious issues and costly repairs. Routinely replacing the dirty oil with fresh oil is what keeps the engine running smoothly.

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Oil Change Frequency

We have an idea of what happens if drivers don’t get their oil changed, however, good news is that, typically, Palm Coast drivers can go between 7,000 to 10,000 miles between oil changes. This mileage can change depending on the vehicle and each driver’s habits. Palm Coast drivers who have an SUV or vehicle they use for the jobsite, travel, or rideshares will find themselves changing their oil more frequently. Check the vehicle’s owner’s manual for the manufacturer recommended service schedule.

Performing an Oil Change

Avoid the problems that come when drivers don’t get their oil changed, and learn how to perform an oil change. Palatka-area DIY car care enthusiast will find that changing the vehicle’s oil is a simple task for patient workers. First, start by checking your oil levels and selecting the right type of oil for the vehicle. This can be verified with the vehicle’s owner’s manual, and found in the parts center at Beaver Toyota St. Augustine.

Once the right oil is found, drain the old oil from the vehicle into a pan. After it stops draining, replace the cap and ensure it’s secure, then start adding the new oil. Continue slowly adding the oil to make sure the oil isn’t too low or too high.

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Now that you have an idea what happens if you don’t get your oil changed, take the worry out of your vehicle service and contact the Beaver Toyota St. Augustine service center. Have all your service needs covered with the Car Care Service Plan. Find coverage for routine maintenance and 24-hour roadside assistance to keep you supported on Palatka roads.

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