Engine Belt Maintenance

Engine Belts

The belts in your vehicles engine keep it running and on the road. Broken, damaged or a worn engine belt can cause serious problems for your engine or even cause an accident. Timing belts provide reliable engine operation by synchronizing the movement of the parts in your engine. Have a qualified professional inspect your belts for signs of cracking and stripping. The type and size of the crack may indicate the need for replacement and can alert you of other potential problems. A slapping noise may be caused by a slipped or broken belt. Damaged belts can throw your engine out of timing causing internal collision and extensive engine damage. Serpentine or drive belts help to provide power for your power steering, air conditioning and even your cooling fan. Normal wear and tear reduces the effectiveness of the serpentine belt over time. A screeching noise after starting the engine can be a tell tale sign of a worn belt. So when your vehicles engine belts need replacing, getting it done right the first time by the skilled certified technicians here at Beaver Toyota, your certified dealer service center! We’re here to WOW ya!

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