Value Shield

Accidents happen, it’s a part of life and even if your car has been properly repaired, is it really the same as it was before the accident? Think about it. If you saw 2 identical cars on the lot today, but one had been repaired after a wreck, which one would you choose? The problem is that once a car has been damaged, it’s worth a lot less money. As much as 30% less. This is called diminished value and with the use of vehicle history reporting services, it’s likely to affect you when you decide to sell or trade in your car. And while your car insurance will pay to repair the damage to your car, it will not protect the value of your car. But don’t worry, now you maybe able to protect your car from diminished value with Value Shield. Value Shield is not insurance, it’s a way for you to get up to $4,000 more when you trade in or sell your car, even if it’s been in an accident. Wouldn’t it be great to have the piece of mind that Value Shield can give you? This is just one example of the advantages that Value Shield can give you. Ask a finance leader today!

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