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Toyota is all about saving you money on routine maintenance, so every model receives ToyotaCare to cover normal factory scheduled service for 2 years or 25,000 miles — whichever comes first. Once that period has ended, you can keep the savings running using Toyoguard Platinum.

Need your tires rotated? Toyoguard Platinum supplies four tire rotations without charging you a cent. How about an oil change? The plan allows for 2 synthetic changes, including the filters.


Sitting behind the wheel of a new Toyota is a first-class experience, and so is ownership itself. With Toyoguard, we’re able to help with breakdowns, offer valuable incentives, and help you out with routine maintenance.

Toyoguard Roadside Assistance is always just a call away when you invest in the Platinum plan. After your ToyotaCare assistance has expired, Toyoguard will continue for three years or 60,000 miles, whichever first occurs.

You’ll never have to worry about being caught off guard again, with Roadside Assistance covering:

  • Battery Jump Starts: To get you going when your battery runs flat.
  • Tire Service: Helps you out of a fix when you need a spare.
  • Fuel Delivery: Forget to top up? We’ll speed you the fuel you need to get going.
  • Winching: Rescue from mud, snow, or sand is just a toll-free phone call away, as long as you’re immediately adjacent to a regularly traveled road.
  • Lockout Protection: Keys inside the vehicle or lost from sight? A Toyota service provider can be of assistance.
  • Towing: If all else fails, a free tow will be arranged to your closest Toyota dealership, or even to any dealership of your choice within a 25-mile range.

Morning, noon, and night, Toyoguard roadside assistance is always ready to come to your aid. Whether you’re out of fuel outside Daytona Beach or stuck in the sand in Palm Coast, we’ll be there.

Safety and security remain a paramount concern for Toyota, and using Toyoguard lets us keep your vehicle in its strongest condition.

Rental Car Assistance is provided during the first 5 years or 60,000 miles — whichever comes first — and you’ll be able to keep yourself mobile across 5 different occurrences within that timeframe. If you need overnight repair, we make sure you won’t be without a vehicle.

With Exterior Paint Sealant applied to protect against the worst mother nature can conjure up and Interior Protector preventing spills from leading to stains, your Toyota will continue to look great for years to come.

Keep your Toyota in prime condition by using a free sample of Toyoguard Paint Sealant to halt in its tracks the premature deterioration often caused by harsh weather and salt air. Toyoguard Interior Fabric Protector then seals against stains to make cleaning spills easier than ever.