Teacher of the Month

Beaver Toyota  Teacher of the month

History has shown that teachers have influenced several successful leaders, business people, most everyone in some way– they help change lives for the best. But teachers don’t do it for the recognition. Not only does it take education to be a teacher, it takes a person with compassion, dedication; a person who brings their energy, enthusiasm and creativity to the classroom every day. Generations of families have produced teachers and now Flagler Radio and Beaver Toyota want to honor our local teachers for all they do!

The Beaver Toyota Teacher of the Month award is given out to local Flagler & St Johns County teachers who are seen as someone who goes above and beyond for their students and a leader at their school. Who has made a difference in your life? Or your child’s life? Nominate your influential teachers for the Beaver Toyota Teacher of the Month Award below. Listen to one of Flagler Broadcasting’s radio stations (92.7, 94.9, 98.7, 100.9, 105.5, 106.3) Monday through Friday at 4:35, for the next Beaver Toyota Teacher of the Month!