Timing Belts & Chains

Timing Belt or Chain: What does it do?

Most vehicles have 4 stroke gas engines: During the combustion process the engine goes thru 4 strokes.

  • Intake
  • Compression
  • Power
  • Exhaust stroke
Toyota Timing Belt

Timing belts and timing chains are the devices that make the connection between the crankshaft and camshaft(s). Mechanical timing occurs when the crankshaft rotates twice, and the camshaft(s) will spin once.

What happens when it breaks or is damaged?

For your engine to work properly, the mechanical timing must be set very precisely.If it is damaged or breaks, it could cause severe engine damage.
Because of this, they are hidden behind plastic or metal to keep them safe from outside conditions.

How often should they be checked?

Timing chains could easily last the life of your car. So there is no fixed interval for inspection. We typically check them during major services. If they do break, it is usually after several hundred thousand miles of wear. Replacing a timing chain is usually one of the triggers to consider replacing your vehicle.

Timing belts could easily be damaged or weakened. Check your owners manual or speak to any service advisor for the intervals for your vehicle. Don’t be surprised to go through many during the life of your vehicle.

Replacing your timing belt

The good news is timing belts are very inexpensive. Most of your cost in replacing a timing belt is labor. Get the best quality one so it lasts longer. A genuine Toyota timing belt is an exact replacement for the original part, so you can be sure it will fit properly, perform reliably and last until the next replacement interval. Once the timing belt is in use, it will stretch, so keep it installed until time for replacement.

Because the costs involved with inspecting the timing belt may be similar to those of having it replaced, many customers may find it more cost effective to replace the timing belt. Should the timing belt break while you are driving the vehicle, severe engine damage could result. The higher the speed, the more extensive the damage could be.