Damaged or worn shocks can greatly reduce the overall handling of your vehicle. Shocks help your tires maintain traction with the road providing a safer ride for drivers and passengers. Improved traction offers more responsive steering in addition to safer braking. Due to normal wear and tear, shocks may lose their effectiveness over time. Worn shock absorbers can reduce the drivers control and may even increase the risk of an accident. If your vehicle has become less stable, it’s definitely time to take it to the professionals who you’ll find at our premier service center where our certified and knowledgeable service staff will inspect, repair and replace your shocks if necessary. Come in to Beaver Toyota today and make sure your car keeps running smoothly and safely. We’re here to WOW ya!!

What are the dangers of damaged or worn shocks?

  • Can reduce the overall handling of your vehicle
  • Tires can lose traction with the road
  • Less responsive steering
  • Can effect braking
  • Can reduce the driver’s control
  • May increase the risk of an accident

How do I know if my shocks are damaged or worn?

  • Your car bottoms out over railroad tracks, speed bumps or dips in the road
  • When you drive over a bump, your car keeps bouncing
  • Unusual noises over bumps
  • Excessive body lean in turns
  • The front end of the car dives sharply in hard braking
  • Fluid leakage

My Shocks Need to be Checked