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What Does Comprehensive Insurance Cover?

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When you’re buying a new car around Palm Coast, you might feel overwhelmed by all of the auto jargon that you hear – but there’s no need to worry! What is comprehensive coverage and what does comprehensive auto insurance cover? To put it simply, comprehensive insurance protects against damages which have not occured as the result of an accident. This includes circumstances like if your car is lost, stolen, vandalized, or hit by falling objects. Let’s go over the basics of comprehensive insurance coverage below:

Different Types of Auto Insurance

What does comprehensive insurance cover and how does it compare to other forms of auto insurance? There are tons of different types of insurance available. Some insurance is required by the state, while others are optional. Choosing the right insurance package can be intimidating, so here is a quick summary comparing the different types:

Comprehensive Car Insurance:

This insurance gives full coverage protects against damages unrelated to car crashes.


GAP Insurance:

GAP Insurance covers the difference between your vehicle’s value and the value of your loan, so you don’t get caught in a bad financial situation.


Liability Insurance:

If you are the cause of an accident around Jacksonville, liability insurance covers damages. Liability Insurance pays to repair or replace costs on another vehicle – as well as any potential medical bills and injuries. 


Collision Insurance:

Collision insurance covers damages accrued during a single or multi-car accident, including repairs or even the cost of a new vehicle.


Researching Your Options

Between comprehensive insurance coverage and GAP insurance and liability insurance, finding the right financial solutions for your unique situation can feel overwhelming. That’s where the experts at Beaver Toyota St. Augustine come in. Whether you want to learn about the requirements for the Palatka area or you want to strengthen your coverage, we’re here to help. Feel free to get in touch with us or visit the finance department in St. Augustine for an in-person consultation.


Learn More with Beaver Toyota St. Augustine

Now you know what comprehensive insurance covers, but what if you still have questions? Contact us at Beaver Toyota St. Augustine to learn all about your options in the St. Augustine area. Not only can we help you find just the right financial package for your needs and budget, but we can help you with sales and service as well.