Sponsorship/Donation Request

Community Support:
Beaver Toyota St. Augustine believes that we have an obligation to support the community in which we do business. St. Augustine has blessed us with amazing support and giving back to non-profit organizations that use a proactive approach towards solving problems within our community is one or our top priorities.

We partner with non-profit groups to leverage resources that support long term sustainability and provide funding in the following areas: Education, Healthcare, Community
Development and Innovative Initiatives.

We encourage our team members to be involved in organizations that will personally and professionally fulfill them. Opportunities for volunteer involvement must include the specific types of activities, the benefits, and any special skills needed.

Donation/Sponsorship Request Guidelines

1. Requests must be placed in writing and include a completed Beaver Toyota Contribution/Sponsorship form.
2. All requests must be submitted 60 days in advance.
3. Request applications will be reviewed and responded to via email or phone.
4. Beaver Toyota’s focus areas are for education, healthcare, and long-term community development in St. Augustine.
5. All sports team donations are limited to Beaver Toyota employees and their families.

Thank you for your interest in Beaver Toyota. We welcome your request to partner with your organization to service our community. Please review the following information and submit your proposal below.

Proposals are reviewed based on how well they address the following questions:

1. Does the organization positively contribute to an area of focus: Education, Healthcare or Community Development?
2. Is it an organization we are involved with as a board member or volunteer?
3. Does the proposal positively affect a critical community need or issues or provide an innovative initiative?
4. Can one of our members participate?
5. What are the marketing benefits?