Partnership with the St. Augustine Amphitheatre aka The Amp

July 1st, 2019 by

Lady Antebellum Concert

Friday night our team was excited to go out and promote Beaver Toyota at the St Augustine Amphitheatre, now known as The Amp, for the Lady Antebellum concert. We had the pleasure of sharing several laughs with a few of our local sheriff officers, as well as, the security officers for The Amp.  We met several kind locals who gladly shared their story about the vehicle they purchased from us, and how happy they were with it! “I love my Avalon! His name is Frankie! Get it? Like Frankie Avalon, from Grease,” said one of our humorous patrons. We always meet the best people at these events! We even met a lovely couple, who said that they had actually been to the grand opening of Beaver Toyota, and had been the first couple to purchase a car from us and ring the bell! “It’s right over there! We still have it to this day,” said Marty S!

Adam Sandler Event

Sunday evening, our team at Beaver Toyota was seen handing out cozies, colorful lays and backpacks full of goodies, to those attending the Adam Sandler stand-up comedy event! Our staff had a great time interacting with patrons and Amp employees, as usual! As you all may have seen the dark clouds rolling in, we were forced to break down a little early. We were also one of the thousands of people that were forced to endure the sloshing of the buckets of rain, as it nearly flooded the stands. We hope you all stayed dry out there! We barely did! Aside from the show being delayed for a short while, it was totally worth the endless laughs fostered by opening act, Rob Schneider and the man himself, Adam Sandler!

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