Takeover of the Year in Jacksonville, Florida

June 21st, 2018 by

The Beaver Organization Now Manages Another Store

Summer has been a season of record change and expansion for the Beaver organization. In June, Beaver Toyota announced their pending acquisition of Riverside Chevrolet, a dealership that was embroiled in controversy and scandal over the last year. You may have seen the coverage in the news and maybe you or someone you know was personally affected by the unfair business practices that were in place under the prior management. All of that is changing. When we heard about these stories, we at the Beaver organization recognized an opportunity to step up for our community and make our best effort to right the wrongs that took place at Riverside Chevrolet.

We are currently operating according to a plan to transform Riverside Chevrolet into the best dealership in Jacksonville. We envision it to be a store that gives back to the community and puts customers first. A Beaver team has already assumed control of operations of the facility and we are fully operational, ready to service and sell vehicles. Whether you are a loyal Beaver Toyota customer or an avid Chevy enthusiast intrigued by the Beaver takeover, we hope to serve and “wow” you soon at either dealership. The Chevy store has a convenient centralized location, about 15 minutes from anywhere you might be in Jacksonville. And the Toyota store continues to serve all of Northeast Florida, even stretching to Flagler County and beyond. Plus, we service all makes and models at our dealerships.

Another exciting transition around the corner is our students’ return to school. Once again, Beaver Toyota has renewed its longstanding commitment to teachers and students in St. John’s County. You’ll see the same level of support, from teacher grants to after school funding, you’ve come to expect from the Beaver organization. We’ve also forged a new and exciting relationship with Flagler County Schools and are working diligently to make a similar impact. This year, the Beaver organization will also seek a partnership with Duval County Schools, giving back to the community we know will rally around us as endeavor to transform another local business into a force for good. We’re here to wow ya!

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