Linda Beaver

July 30th, 2015 by

Linda Beaver If the name Linda Beaver doesn’t ring bell, you may know her as “the pretty blonde lady in those Toyota Commercials”. Linda is a former beauty queen, classical pianist and mother of four, but in St. Augustine & Jacksonville she is best known as the face of Beaver Toyota. Her younger brother and our general manager Matt Calavan said, “If someone mentions Beaver Toyota, you think of Linda”. People often ask if they can meet Linda and they come in and say, “I don’t need a car, I’m here because of you”. Aside from staring in our commercials, she is also involved with the charity work. Linda was born and raised in Oklahoma where she studied music and journalism at the University of Oklahoma. She moved to Dallas after graduation where a friend introduced her to Mike Beaver who eventually became her husband. They lived in Texas, where Mike owned three General Motors dealerships for several years. In 1992, Linda Beaver started filming commercials with Mike’s encouragement of “Get out there, you’re going to do it.” Linda jokes that she’ll keep filming commercials “until I get too old and wrinkled to do them.”

They received an opportunity to purchase Sauter Toyota in Santa Fe so in 2000 they made the decision to leave Dallas.  Several managers and salespeople moved with the Beavers from Texas to Santa Fe. In 2005, Linda & her family moved to Lakeland, in central Florida. In 2013, they bought this store in St. Augustine. The Santa Fe store was recently sold and we are excited to announce a new Beaver Toyota location is in the process of being built in Cumming, Georgia.

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