Fund a Project for Classrooms in St. Johns County School District

St. Johns County School District Education Foundation INK

Your application must align with your school district’s current strategic plan OR if your project is more relevant to a specific School Improvement Plan (SIP), you may align with the SIP and describe that alignment in this application. Your application must also address at least one of this grant’s priority areas—career/technical education, increasing graduation rates, literacy, low-performing students, STEM education, and/or teaching quality.

Wherever you see the words “your district plan” in this application, it is referring to your school district’s current strategic plan or school improvement plan that your project activities align with.

You will be required to upload a copy of your school district strategic plan and/or relevant School Improvement Plan in the Organization Profile section of this grants platform prior to application submission.


District plan—your current school district strategic plan; if your project aligns better with a specific school improvement plan, utilize that plan when describing how your project activities align

Outcomes—changes or improvements in knowledge, behavior, skills or scores

Outputs—direct products of your activities, e.g., number/value of supplies distributed, number of grants awarded, number of participants, etc.

Primary participants—people directly benefiting and/or receiving direct services from program activities and who you are measuring progress on, e.g., in a program where you are trying to impact the reading scores of 12 low-performing students but 10 other students have access to program materials, the low-performing students are your primary participants, and the other 10 are secondary participants

Secondary participants—people benefiting indirectly from program services and activities, e.g., in a teacher training program, the teacher is the primary participant and the students are secondary participants