Distracted Driving Simulator- Virtual Reality Technology

April 28th, 2017 by

About the Virtual Reality Experience

The PEERS Distracted Driving Experience is a virtual reality simulator designed to teach young drivers the importance of remaining alert. We placed them in scenarios similar to ones they will experience behind the wheel of a vehicle. About 70 participants had the chance to ‘drive’ a 2017 Camry through virtually created streets while being tempted by real-life distractions.

Why did we bring the Distracted Driving Simulator?

A recent study showed that phone distractions occurred in 52% of all trips that ended in a crash. It is important for us to do our part to inform new drivers & our community the dangers of distracted driving.

How did users react?

New driver, Logen Theed said, “What my parents and my teachers say is correct. Put your phone away – do not take it out… That’s a simple rule to follow to keep you and your family alive.”
Mrs. Veracruz said, “The one thing I learned today was the phone can wait!”

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