Cunningham Creek Elementary WOW’d Beaver Toyota

May 2nd, 2017 by

St. Johns County School District Bus of Students WOW’d Us

A school bus from St. Johns County School District pulled into Beaver Toyota’s parking lot and what happened next really WOW’d US!

Teacher of the Year winner, Dana Kelly & Meagan Schmidt surprised us with an amazing performance from a class of 1st grade students from Cunningham Creek Elementary. Ms. Kelly said this was their way of thanking us for what we do for the St. Johns County School District and our community.

She said, “It makes a huge impact on teachers and children here and we just want to say a big thank you and that you are worth more than gold!”

Words can’t even begin to describe how thankful we are for our partnership and for this very thoughtful gift. Of course we also love the homemade chocolate covered pretzels too.

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