From Bankrupt To Loved by the Community

June 21st, 2016 by

When we took over the bankrupt dealership we needed to inspire the community in a special way. We engaged the St. John’s County School District with more than 32,000 kids and their families, 2500 teachers and administrators and donated $100,000, no strings attached. This donation was not a temporary marketing ploy, it funded after-school programs in an impoverished neighborhood, contributed to Character Counts, Link Crew, athletic programs and honoring the Teacher of the Year with a new Toyota. Our partnership with the school district began in 2013 and we have sustained it every year since.

Today, we hold almost 18% market share. We consistently rank in the top 10% nationally in CSI and have moved our customer retention from 34% to more than 60%. Social media exploded with word of mouth as a result of our commitment to our school district. In 3 short years, the dealership moved from worst in town in the community and the region to the community calling us “BEST IN TOWN“!