904 Fittest Fitness Challenge

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This past weekend Beaver Toyota had the opportunity to help sponsor the 904 Fittest Fitness Competition in Unity Plaza located in Jacksonville. It was a beautiful sunny day and all the athletes came out to compete in a series of workouts. Teams were told to complete as many repetitions of a circuit as they could in a given time frame.

Beaver Toyota was not only present with the Million Mile Corolla, but with the “Mystery Workout” as well. During the third heat, teams were told to report to a station where two Beaver Toyota vehicles awaited them. Teams had the opportunity to pull a Tundra as fast as they could.

The Tundra itself weighed about 5,415 pounds altogether!

Congratulations to Team CROME  and Training For Warriors who pulled the truck the fastest, a mere 25 seconds flat!


It was not only a fantastic event to showcase athletic ability, but a special opportunity for Beaver Toyota to be involved in the community. Congratulations to all the athletes who competed, and the fans who came out to support. Come visit us at Beaver Toyota near Palm Coast at 2995 US Hwy 1 S in St. Augustine, FL to check out our inventory on Tundra and Tacoma trucks! As always, We’re here to WOW Ya!

Article written by Julia

Results from the Competition

Mystery Workout

Rank Team Name Total Time
1 CROME 25
1 Training For Warriors – 01 25
3 Pearson Fitness 25.16


1st Place: Training For Warriors – 01

Amanda Stalford
Jacob Marks
Elaine Beville
Colin Woodmansee

2nd Place: Live Love Lift

Rainy Scarbrough
Alyssa Wallace
Mason Hartsock
Sean Scott

3rd Place: Total Beaches

Vanessa Bolivar
Jose Manuel Rodenas Carbonell
Jennifer Snider
Cale Cooper


1st Place: Hard Exercise Works San Marco

Amy Wright
Jackie Mancheno
Brett Davidson
Kent Mann

2nd Place: Chris’s Garage

Chris Pastrana
Andrea Pastrana
David Grimm
Heather Mandeville

3rd Place: CrossFit 904

Edward Horton
Sarah McCrea
Elena Duduk
Brandon Dottellis

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