2nd Alarmers WOW Partner of the Month Jan 2019

December 28th, 2018 by

Help us Support 2nd Alarmers Association

Beaver Toyota proudly presented 2nd Alarmers Association with a donation of over $1100! We look forward to a continued partnership with this amazing organization. 2nd Alarmers Association is a 100% volunteer organization composed of St Johns County residents that are focused on supporting the St Johns County Fire Rescue by providing rehabilitation services to our first responders.

They do this by providing water to them while on scene of an emergency incident, refill and replace the firefighters’ air tanks and assist in repacking hose lines and other equipment once the emergency incident is over. They are on call 24/7 and cover all 608 square miles of St Johns County.

While fighting a fire, a firefighter’s core body temperature can reach 104 degrees and we help lower their temperature by making sure that they are properly hydrated. 2nd Alarmers volunteers also try to take as much of their simpler tasks off their hands as they can while at an emergency incident, but they do not do any firefighting, rescue or medical work. They leave that to the experts.

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